Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s Day, or Love Yourself Day

No matter what your relationship status is this coming Valentine’s Day, we’ve got you covered—judgment-free. #GetBlackBoxed

Sometimes life just isn’t sexy, sassy, fun, or romantic. We get that. But, what we don’t get is why you don’t do something to change that. Life doesn’t have to be lackluster! In fact, it shouldn’t be most of the time. That’s where our romantic black boxes provide all the tools needed to restore and recharge your sexy, sassy spirits.

Whether you’re flying solo, with a loved one, or with your gal pals, our passionate black boxes are the perfect gift for someone you love or yourself (we’re not judging! #SelfCare). We promise: Spend just 30 minutes with one of these boxes on February 14,—or any day thereafter, really—and we’ll have your spirit and body back in action!

We picked a couple of our favorite products in each of our romantic black boxes to whet your whistle. But don’t take our word for it, take a chance with your love life this month and dive deep into these love-boxes today. #GetBlackBoxed

Spice it Up

Fortunate Fortunes: In the small red book, Sex Fortunes, find a tear-off fortune that helps you discover your sexy destiny! Spice up your sex life this month (and beyond!) with these pleasurable tips and tricks. Hey, you might even learn a thing or two!

Honey Love Dust: Honeysuckle scented fine-milled powder paired with the tickliest feather duster helps you rock the foreplay with Kama Sutra’s Honey Dust. This talc-free body powder absorbs moisture and makes your skin feel silky smooth! Nothing screams mojo like a little love dust.

Honeymoon Bath: Music + wine + a warm tub of rose petals = Romance with a capital R. Go one step further: Ignite your sense of smell and those deep relaxation vibes and make it a night you won’t want to forget with Spitfire Girl’s No. 1 Bath Salts. These tobacco flower, oud wood, and vanilla aromas will reinvigorate your love machines.

Galentine’s Goodies

Cast a Spell: Into the spiritual side of love? In Love Spells, find simple, magical rituals to lift your love life! Learn to cleanse out the negative, attract the positive, and create a little extra boom boom in the bedroom with a few easy tricks. Magic skills not required, but loving skills are.

Yes, yes, YES: Just between us girls, we like being discreet. Fulfill all your O’s with our super-powered, multi-function vibrator that is not only small, but also stylish! The Screaming O Mascara Vibe is better than words can describe—trust us. Bonus: It’ll fit into your makeup bag! Mojo to go-go, complete.

But that’s not all! Check out the rest of these boxes for the deets on our favorite lube, massage oil, yummy chocolate and more! #GetBlackBoxed