The Mystery Behind Juju’s Magic Box

Can you see the future?            

New year, new you, right? We’re not talking about workout plans, fad diets, or hitting your daily steps; instead, we’re talking about how you can answer some of life’s big questions with help from the mystics. This year, plan for today to be the day you set intentions, practice rituals, and discover more about yourself throughout the whole year.

The mystical box we curated equips you with the tools you need to chill out and let its magic, good fortune, and relaxation bring some sparkle to your life. Let us show you how!

The pendulum is made up of three materials to promote healing with a process that seeks out invisible energies. The gentle swinging pendulum connects people to higher energies spiritually and can help locate any blocks in energy.

  • Quartz is a crystal made for clearing out negative energies, stimulating the immune system, and is designed to nurture your body.
  • The pendulum is also made of a moonstone, which represents new beginnings. The moonstone is deeply connected to intuition and emotions—dark side of the moon, anyone? It is also believed that the moonstone helps digestion and strengthen the skin, hair, eyes, and fleshy organs.
  • Theevil eye beadat the end of the pendulum is one of the most well-known in history. Traditionally used as a way to ward off evil forces and envious eyes from others, this talisman has been used for centuries to protect again negative influences.

Soak in the Salt
This hand-blended mix of pure solar evaporated sea salt, Epsom salt, organic honey, and essential oils help to recharge and recanted your body and spirit. The Mandarin Magic Bath Salts are best used in a steaming bath with our Glendora Candle (Pro Tip: this is also in the box! We think of everything, don’t we?) and a big glass of red wine. The Glendora Candle smells heavenly and was hand-picked with the most luxurious scents designed to center your mind and body.

Tarot Cards
Learn to tell the future with the Mystic Mondays deck of tarot cards that combines holographic-edged artwork in a reinvented way. Each of the major and minor arcana are fully represented in this standard tarot deck. Bonus, you don’t even need to know how to read tarot cards to become an expert! We’ve provided a guidebook that describes the symbols behind each card—just what you need when you’re looking for some guidance and inspiration in life.

Fortune Telling 101
Contact your inner astrologist with The Golden Book of Fortune-Telling. We don’t promise you’ll become Madame Fortune overnight, but we can promise that you’ll connect with your inner mystic in ways to help you find out how to attract good fortune wherever you go. The golden book will be your go-to guide to understanding the future and see what fate has foretold for your life. Learn the meaning of names, the theories behind color choices, the stories of zodiac signs, and what’s in a birth date. Even better? Find fun and entertaining predictions for your romantic side as well!

We’re a gift-giving company meant to help you center on love and knowledge with a few good laughs. Find out how you can share the good fortune and future fun with friends and order your Juju Magic Box today! (Psst… you can give a gift to yourself, too! In fact, we highly encourage it.)