In addition to giving amazingly meaningful, thoughtful, feel-good, gifts…we believe passionately in the power of intention, taking time for yourself, sharing laughs with great friends, broadening horizons and a spirit of adventure.

We are a modern gift-giving company that is all about bringing love, knowledge and a few laughs. We build customized boxes that incorporate a little bit of spirituality and a little bit of sass. Our goal is simple, give those who might need a smile – a smile. Those people that might need to know they are loved – provide them with a virtual hug. Those that just need to know how to kick life in the booty - the tools to do so.

We provide the right alchemy of goodies. From high-quality individual products, to local artisanal finds, we deliver an experience in a box for all “those” moments in life.

We also happen to be an amazing tribe of women entrepreneurs who support one another, try and build better tribes amongst our communities, and teach our children how to make a positive impact on the world and listen to the energy around.

We love giving back. After all, we are in the business of gift-giving. Each month, we want your help to choose a charity to donate a portion of sales towards. Together, we can move, change and use the energy around us to create a tribe of do-gooders and be the advocates of change. See what charities are up for vote this month.

Like all good stories, the history behind Juju unfolds one evening at a good friend’s dinner table. Telling tales of unfortunate woe, this crew of creative minds brainstormed the idea to put together amazing gifts that tell a story and evoke a feeling. And sharing love and good vibes. Pulling in some of her friends, family and advisors, Juju transformed from a story into a reality.

Who We Are

Courtney Mamuscia, Founder & Head Creator

I am an adventurer, a soul-seeker, a lover of all…and of course I make mistakes. I am interested in people and their stories. I love to be around them and learn from them. And above all, I love to give to them. In my heart, I am an eternal gift-giver and spiritual explorer.

Lisa Conner, Creativity Curator

I’m passionate about creating and sharing it with those around me. I’m grounded with what’s in front of me, yet I dream outside of the boundaries. I try to be kind and to give and love unconditionally and with intent with everyone from my beloved family and friends to a stranger in need, pay it forward style. I center myself on empathy and love to listen to the stories we each have to share. We all have stories and in the end, we are the sum of all of those stories.

Andrea Milnark, Head of Getting Things Done

I am honest and caring. I am a proud mother and a loving wife. I try to be the best person I can be and learn from those around me. I am passionate about life and the world we live in. I listen, I respond, I take it all in. Breath in, breath out – we have one life to live and I am going to live this one to its fullest.