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Juju Be Gifting's inspiration unfurled one evening around the dinner table as friends told tales of unfortunate woe: streaks of bad luck, dramatic breakups, parents and friends dealing with health issues, bosses who drive us crazy, and all sorts of things that drag us down and low at times in life. We decided that we needed to create a unique, positive gift collection designed to come to the rescue of everyone ‘out there’ in need of kicking bad juju to the curb, being uplifted, and given a virtual soul-hug. Solutions were imagined in the form of creatively curated energy-moving, mojo-building gift kits with all the right mix of products that are meaningful and bring on the good vibes, laughter, and comfort. We know you‘ll love these positively perfect gifts and so will the recipient!  MORE >

Energy is All Around You...Use it. Move it. Change it! How to Juju >

Curated Gift Boxes


Our gift boxes are ready to give. easy to order and easy to ship. This collection includes gift boxes curated for everything from breaking a streak of bad luck to celebrating new beginnings, housewarming or thanking a host/ess, getting mystical, or firing up your mojo! - MORE

Good Vibe Gifts


You’ll love the thoughtful selection of gifts that we created to bring in calm, peace and positivity while kicking bad vibes to the curb! Check out our limited edition custom ‘Peace, Love & Good Juju’ comfy tank tops, mini smudge kits, our custom scented ‘Glendora’ candle, Juju Black core ritual boxes, and more! - MORE

Custom Corporate Gifts


If you have a client or colleague to thank, our team is ready to curate gift boxes for you that are brand-perfect, professional, thoughtful and appropriate. Take your corporate gifting to new heights by letting us become your go-to for unparalleled products, customer service, and ease of ordering. We do the work, you take the credit. - MORE

More to Love
& Live By:

We realize this juju stuff may be new to you, and it’s definitely NOT voodoo or anything weird or occult like that! Our boxes are lighthearted and even a bit whimsical—made for the everyday person. Because we want you to 100% feel in your comfort zone, we include these handy-dandy ‘How to use what’s in your box’ set of cards or a little brochure in each box to help you maximize positivity and find even more laughter as you read along. Trust us, you’ll LOVE.

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