KonMari Your Home: Smudge Style

#SparkJoy and have good Juju with Marie Kondo’s life-changing tips for cleaning your life, home, and space

Marie Kondo is inspiring all of us to stay clutter-free in our homes this year. And she’s on to something: The magic of tidying up is life-changing! In fact, some of her anti-clutter methods line up perfectly with the art of smudging and good-vibing. Having a stressful day? Clear out the clutter and light up our Glendora Candle to relax in the now clean space. Wish your closet was organized? Start folding your shirts using her methods and then smudge your room using our smudge kits with sage, Palo Santo, and our chic tray.

The art of great smudge paired with KonMari-ing your home will do wonders for your aura, good juju, and overall happiness. Reduce stress and increase positivity with KonMari + Juju Be Gone: To help you get started on your cleanse, we’ve rounded up our favorite clutter-killing tips for you.

Also, remember that while we live and breathe by these three easy tactics, Kondo’s major takeaway is to declutter your house once and you’ll never have to do it again. Try it!

  1. Get rid of paperwork
    Do you still get your bank statements via snail mail? Not only does this kill trees, it kills your clean home. Check all the mail you get regularly and see if you can find a way to get those bills, statements, or junk delivered digitally instead. Join the 21stCentury, people!
  1. Put everything in its place
    We’re sure you don’t want to go home every night to a messy house after a stressful day at work. What’s more stress-inducing than mess in your space and no place to smudge? Find a designated space for everything in your home: Your bag goes in the same spot at the end of the day, your lunch gets made and placed in the right location in your fridge, and your shoes don’t stay out on the welcome mat overnight. Routine and location makes organization easier.
  1. Find joy in everything in your closet
    Kondo is famous for her “sparking joy” movement. Pick up every t-shirt, blazer, skirt, or pant in your closet. Does it bring you joy? If not, donate it or bring it to a friend who would look bomb in it. Hint: If you haven’t worn something in 6+ months, it probably doesn’t bring you joy. Ditch it!

But don’t just stop after clearing out the clutter! It’s not only important to physically clean your home, but it’s also important to start fresh and cleanse the energy from your space as well. Our Juju Black box is designed to help you with clearing out the negativity and bringing in the positivity! Don’t miss the next step of decluttering your energy with our ultra-yummy smelling Glendora candle, custom-designed match bottle, smudging bundle, and ritual cards that teach you how to use the entire box of goodies to bring in the calm, peace, and positivity.

Have you tried to use any of the KonMari methods? If so, let us know which tips you’ve tried using (and hopefully loved!) below.

With Love,