Refresh Your Home with a Spring Cleaning

You may think you know how to clean your home, but we’ll show you three things you never even thought to clean this spring.

It’s officially Spring! It’s the time of year when you open your windows, plant your veggie garden, and soak up the sun you haven’t seen in four months. But, inside your home, it’s time for spring cleaning: deep clean your floors, ask yourself if every item in your closet brings you joy, and scrub down your bathroom. Easy, right? But, we’ll bet you’re forgetting some key items you never even thought to clean in your space.

Once you go through this list, your home is as good as new! You’re welcome.

  1. Your dishwasher cleans your dishes. But, have you ever thought to clean your dishwasher? It takes 15 seconds, so don’t delay. Start by cleaning out all the leftover food particles in the disposal drain underneath the bottom rack. Then, simply fill a mug two-thirds of the way full with white vinegar and place it upright on the top rack. Run the empty dishwasher on a normal cycle with hot water for extra sterilization and ta-da! Clean dishwasher. Just spritz the interior with white vinegar between normal washings to keep it shiny and free from soap scum.
  2. While we’re on the topic of cleaning machines that clean for you, why not clean your washer? Simply run an empty washer on a hot cycle using two cups of white vinegar instead of laundry detergent. After the machine finishes, mix half a cup of vinegar with a quart of warm water in a bucket, grab a dedicated cleaning toothbrush and sponge and get to scrubbing out the interior pieces. If you have front loading washing machine, pay extra attention to the rubber seal around the door!
  3. Finally, how about those throw pillows on your couch (or, at that rate, the pillows on your bed)? Some throw pillows can easily be washed in your washing machine but be sure to check the manufacturer’s directions on the tag before starting. If you can throw your pillows in the washer, simply remove the any covers and wash them separately in the first load. Then, grab the pillows and machine wash in warm water on the delicate cycle. Use a very mild detergent and be sure to go light on the soap! After they finish, don’t just throw them in your dryer! Hang dry your pillows (maybe outside if it’s nice enough?) and wait until they’re mostly dry. Then, grab some dryer balls (a tennis ball also works!) and toss them in your dryer with the pillows on a setting using no heat to add some extra fluff.

And, to top off your newly cleaned home, don’t forget to purchase the New Beginnings box from Juju! A fun mix of self-care and home décor (have you lit the heavenly Glendora candle yet?), you’ll make your home a respite you can’t wait to fully relax in.

Happy cleaning, with help from Juju (and some white vinegar!).