Mercury Retrograde… Now What?

“I love Mercury retrograde…” said no one ever. Scientifically, this means the planet is moving in the opposite direction of Earth. Spiritually, this means your sh*t is about to hit the fan. Mercury rules communication, technology, travel, and, well, sometimes everything.

Here’s what you can do to survive mercury retrograde:

  1. Smudge the negativity out with a spiritual bath. A bath of sage and palo santo, that is. Just grab the sage, a match, and a heat-proof bowl (all available when buying the Juju Black Box, of course!) and light it up. State your intention, which is to cleanse yourself, your energy, and your space, and then move it around the room in clockwise circles. Breathe in, and out. You got this!
  2. Light a candle. We’re preferable to the Glendora Candle, of course, but any scent will do. Find somewhere calm and soothing to be with yourself (no technology!) and visualize your future without any retrograde issues.
  3. Don’t make any large purchases. Don’t buy cars, computers, or houses. Your electronics may crash, your files might disappear, random car parts might quit working—really the sky is the limit. Just put that credit card in an ice block until the end of the month.
  4. Finally, just don’t fret. Mercury retrograde started July 7 but it will end! Look forward to July 31 and brave the insanity while it lasts.