New Box for the Back to School Season!

Whether you are a student, a teacher, or a parent, this time of year can be a hectic and stressful one. Between shopping for school supplies, waking up earlier, driving all over town, and saying goodbye to the more relaxed pace of summer, you might be finding yourself with very little time to take care of yourself and your own personal needs. That’s why we’ve created a new box with everything you need to practice self-care.

When you open your Back-to-School De-Stress Box, you’ll find…

  • Glendora, our custom scented candle.With a perfect blend of wood sage, peonies, and sea salt, this candle will have you feeling more relaxed in no time.
  • Refreshing Towelettes.These organic peppermint and eucalyptus essential oil towelettes are both practical and rejuvenating so you can feel fresh wherever you go.
  • Ritual Chocolate. This luxurious but nutritious chocolate is the perfect as a pick-me-up in the middle of a long school day, a delightful treat at the end of it, or really for any time you just want to treat yourself!
  • The I AM Journal.When your days are chaotic, your thoughts might be too. Journaling can help you organize your mind and define your goals. Use this journal and its powerful daily writing prompts to help you put the Law of Attraction into action and make your dreams into realities.
  • Monk Botanical Cocktails. If you’ve you ever craved a drink to unwind with after the workday, but not wanted the intoxication, hangover, or other side effects that come with alcohol, this handcrafted beverage is the answer to your prayers! With a blend of fresh herbs, citrus, spices, and CBD extract, this Monk Botanical Cocktail is a truly relaxing drink that can reduce anxiety, improve sleep, and fight inflammation.

We hope that this box can restore some health and peace to you in a stressful time, and make you feel pampered and happy. And if your life doesn’t involve a back-to-school season, share the love and send this box to your favorite student, teacher, or busy parent! They’re sure to appreciate it.