5 Simple Everyday Self-Care Practices!

According to the calendar-making powers that be, September is National Self-Care month! I’m sure you’re all familiar with the concept of self-care, and you’ve probably already read an article or five telling you how important it is, so let’s jump straight to the fun part…where I tell you about 5 of my favorite self-care practices, so you can treat yourself the Juju Be Gone way.

Light a Calming Candle
Maybe you’ve had a rough day at the office. Maybe your kids kept you up half the night. Maybe your relationships are draining your emotional energy. Maybe you’ve just been reading the news. There are a million and one things in the world to demand your attention and stress you out, making it hard to make time for self-care. I find that lighting a candle can help set the mood for a relaxing time that’s just for me. It’s the kind of small luxury that makes you slow down, close your eyes, and let your troubles melt away (pun intended!). Any soothing scent will do, but of course we’re pretty fond of our Glendora Candle! Its custom blend of peony, wood sage, and sea salt makes it a perfect choice to calm and uplift you. and really create an atmosphere for self-care.

Cleanse Your Space
Have you ever wished for a reset button? Like all the negative energy is just piling up in your life and compounding? Whenever I feel that way, I like to cleanse my space and set new intentions for it. It won’t rewind time or unsend that risky text you sent your ex, but it will help you start a new chapter and move forward with a clean slate. Use the cleansing powers of Sage, Palo Santo, or Selenite (all included in our Juju Ge Bone Black Box) to banish negative vibes, restore peace, and attract positive energy to any space, whether it’s your bedroom, your car, or your dreary cubicle. Just be sure to set your intentions first – think clearly about what you want to rid your space of and what you want to welcome into your space. Some people find it helpful to write their intentions down beforehand and then memorize them. If you want to read more about the importance of setting intentions, check out this article from The Alchemist's Kitchen!

Journal Your Goals
I don’t know about you, but I have more goals, dreams, and aspirations than I know what to do with! Unfortunately, in the chaos of everyday life I find it way too easy to let these goals slip to the side and out of my focus until some days the only real goal I’m working towards is putting sweatpants on at the end of the day! I find that journaling every day is a great way to keep my personal goals on track, and identify what aspect of my life needs care. The I AM Journal's an incredible resource for this. With just 15 minutes a day, this journal and its thoughtful writing prompts will help you focus your thoughts and manifest your goals! It’s based on the Law of Attraction, which basically says that we can attract into our lives whatever we are really focusing on…pretty powerful stuff!

Prioritize Your Sleep
You can drink all the newest detox juices, use the best skincare products, and take every supplement known to man…but at the end of the day the number one best thing you can do to take care of your body is to get enough sleep! If you’re not sleeping well, everything else is just icing on a poorly baked cake…looks great, but eventually you’ll start to crumble! To help you sleep deeply and peacefully, I recommend this eye mask. It’s silky-soft, eco-friendly, and totally adorable! Slip it on and sleep away with no worries of early morning sun or a flashing computer light disturbing your rest.

“Press Pause” with CBD
In case you haven’t noticed yet, a recurring theme with all my self-care recommendations is slowing down and taking time for yourself. Well, nobody understands this need better than the ladies over at Press Pause Project. The Press Pause Project is an awesome women-run company whose mission is “to increase the awareness and educate women on the healing benefits of CBD and giving one another permission to Press Pause.” Since they are the experts on this topic, I’ll let you head over to their site for a really thorough discussion of CBD benefits, but I can’t help giving just a quick rundown of what I love about it! From the capsules and teas to the ointment and tincture, these CBD products are effective and totally doctor-approved ways of easing muscle and joint pain, calming anxiety, relieving headaches, reducing inflammation, and aiding sleep! All without any toxicity or psychoactive effects! That’s a win/win for self-care as far as I’m concerned. 

So there you go—5 ways to slow down and take care of your mind, body and soul, so you can get back out there and keep on being the badass that you are! Or you could just dive in and get yourself a self-care box as a gift. Two awesome options for you:

Mind, Body and Soul
'Me Time'