Think Pink for Positivity to Support Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Why I Always Think Pink

It’s no secret that I launched this company with the goal to provide gifts for good. I wanted introduce people to some new tools to help them with their daily rituals and pull a little spirituality into their lives. I felt that there was a void out there for people who wanted to gift a family member, a friend, a co-worker, a client, or anyone special, a truly unique gift that showed how much they care. And for the receiver to take each of the elements inside the box and use them in their everyday lives. Maybe the custom-selected item provides a bit of laughter in dark times, or perhaps one of the goodies gives them hope when all else seems to be lost, and better yet, there might be a treasure in the box that instructs them on how they can use some simple tools to elevate their mood, celebrate what’s great and practice some mindfulness.

Whether you are going through a sh*tty streak of luck, or you’re in the midst of major life change – my vision for this company is to gift onto others the essentials they need to bring on the positive. As my mother always says, “when life throws you lemons, make lemonade.” My mother. One of the main reasons I started this company.

Not only did I grow up with a mother that always taught me the importance of a thank you note or that I should always bring a gift to someone if they are hosting you (thanks for the Emily Post etiquette lessons). My mother is the queen of giving back and gifting onto others. It’s no surprise that those behaviors were instilled in me. And for most of us, our parents are our role models, how we want to be or what we want to do better than them to make them proud.

My mother is also a fighter. She has been battling metastatic breast cancer for close to 12 years now. Which reading this, you are like “wow”, she’s amazing (and she is!). But it has not been easy. I have been by her side through her entire cancer journey. From day-long chemo treatments, to hundreds of doctor appointments and consultations to recovery and soul-inspiring trips. She needs all the support she can get as even a women full of love and compassion is often sobbing and ready to give up her life. But she doesn’t. She lives on. And she lives on to be an inspiration for her children and grandchildren.

There is nothing that I wouldn’t do for her. I wish that there was a cure and that all of this crap would leave her body. But today, we deal with the struggles ahead with courage and a positive attitude.

For me, being able to put together a curated box for October’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month was so personal and touching. I want all women out there fighting this disease to know how much we are all behind them. That’s why I created the Think Pink for Positivity box. Because illnesses often create stress, exhaustion, and negativity, this box contains some goodies to help clear away those bad vibes, try and relax, and focus on restoring energy while they battle back to wellness.

We all feel somewhat helpless too. Watching someone we love in pain and suffering you question your ability to make an impact for them and for finding a cure. Over the years, the Breast Cancer Research Foundation has raised more than $569.4 million to support clinical and translational research on breast cancer. We have made some advancements but are still losing far too many family members and friends to this cancer. One way that Juju wants to help is by partnering with an amazing organization that provides an all-inclusive community for survivors, thrivers, previvors and caregivers affected by breast cancer.

The Breasties is a nonprofit organization that supports young women affected by breast and reproductive cancers through community and friendship.They host free weekend wellness retreats, events and meetups in different cities. They connect women in similar situations around the world through social media, to spread the message that whatever you are going through — you are not alone. The Breasties shows women that not only is there an incredible community online for them, they are also creating spaces for them to find their tribe and meet their breast friends in person!

Do something for the greater good. Gift the new Think Pink for Positivity box to a friend who has maybe just gotten diagnosed, or has been battling breast cancer for days, months or years. With the purchase of this box, Juju Be Gone will donate back 10% of the proceeds of each box to our new bestie – The Breasties.  

“Cancer may have started the fight, but I will finish it.” –