A New Moon For a New and Revitalized You

The new moon causes the highest and most powerful tides each month, and given the human body is nearly 60% water, it deeply influences us along the way, allowing us to be the strongest versions of ourselves. As we approach the new moon on March 24, it’s the ideal time for intention setting and new beginnings. So, with that new moon energy coursing through you, follow these self-care rituals and prepare to have your most powerful and intentional month yet.

To begin harnessing the vitality of the new moon, spark the flames of good intentions by reaffirming your commitment to yourself. Light a renewing white candle - like the Glinda candle - on the darkest night of the month to, quite literally, brighten the coming month. Hold your candle charged with positive juju, and powered by gratitude and love, and let it burn as the universe fulfills your wishes for this moon cycle.

In this time of renewal, the new moon offers a blank slate to reflect on the aspects of your life that you wish to reinvigorate, to embrace your creativity, and to envision your ambitions for the month. Use a journal to write down all that you wish during this period of restoration. Put good vibes to paper and create a detailed picture of what you desire to ensure you stay focused throughout the month to bring your aspirations to fruition.

With that good intention candle light and your new moon goals set down on paper, get down with your inner goddess and take a much deserved bath. Refreshing your intentions and pursuing new beginnings requires a rejuvenated mind, body and soul (P.S. we've got a box for that!). Pamper yourself and add whatever ingredients you desire to your bath. With each additional ingredient, show gratitude for this moment and for the refreshed moon cycle. 

Now, with your eyes to the sky, a candle and journal in your hand, start to drum up good vibes for yourself in preparation for the new moon. Let your pursuit of new beginnings and a stronger you empower those around you to embrace self-care and work wonders for all the good juju to come.

Peace, love and good juju.