Gifting in the Time of Crisis

We are all feeling it right now, feeling all sorts of things. We start to complain, we feel scared or guilty, our heads fill with worry, we have screaming kids or too much silence. Everything is just fine one moment and then everything is upside down the next. We desperately want to consume what we once could, yet all the while bask in this pause. Life has taken one of its wildest turns for all of us, leaving some to be ok and some to endure. We know first hand that sometimes life knocks you down and leaves the future uncertain. That uncertainty is being felt by many right now and we want to do everything in our power to provide a service that spreads nothing but love and support.

Our company was created to build our loved ones and community up, whether it’s helping to celebrate the good or giving what we can to offer support during the rough. This shift in life is impacting us all differently and our meaningfully curated gifts provide compassion for an array of circumstances being felt. Our small business would love to help you all connect in a big way. Everyone is capable of different things right now, if you are capable and have a great desire to spread some love through gifts, we are here to help with that. We have carefully selected and put together a list of gifts with intention to help create connection, support, goodness, and sympathy in this time. 

Gifts for those Feeling Extra Stir Crazy (Cabin Fever?) 
Having your home turn into a makeshift office has everyone’s space blending into one, and staring at the same environment 24/7 can leave anyone feeling a bit unenthused. Our Welcome Home gifts boxes have bright, fun, and good energy inducing gifts; items that will livin’ up any space to get your loved ones or coworkers over this hump. These boxes include gifts that clean energy, bring humor, and create the cozy environment we all deserve in this time. Not to mention when they see these pieces in their home all day everyday they’ll feel thought about and connected, and that just might be the best part of any gift giving right now! 

Gifts for those Working Extra Hard 
The feelings of sanity, calm, and quiet are few and far between for some right now. We all know someone who is doing double duty work at home or on the frontlines, long hours are coming in many forms for a lot of people around us. The best gift we can give them is showing them that you see their hard work and you're there to support and love them, even if you can’t do it physically by taking some of their load away. You can send a touch of your love for them through our Self-Care and Wellness gift boxes that create restorative and calm moments for them. They may not have a lot of time for themselves right now, but these gift boxes take the guessing and buying out of self care and provide our hard workers with sweetly curated gifts that will leave them feeling replenished and cared for. Cards and texts are nice; but gifts like bath salts, face masks, and chocolate might go farther in helping your loved ones along.

Gifts to Give A Smile 
Maybe you just want to stay connected and send a friend a little unexpected gift, send something thoughtful for someone who has a birthday during this time, or you don’t have a lot of extra income right now but still want to send someone some love. Our Under $50 gifts are the perfect sweet surprise to any friend or loved one. Pick from an array of gifts that have humor, self-care, or even fun activities to fill this time. The gifts are the little hug we all need right now! 

Gifts for those who Need A lot of Extra Love RIght now 
Juju Be Gifting was created to lift our loved ones during happy times and the inevitable tough times. We try to embody good energy, positivity, and a solid sassy sense of humor through our attitude and gifts. In this time when certain friends or family are having a tougher time than the rest we have meaningfully curated gifts to help you reach out, in a uniquely loving way. It’s difficult to put together gifts for people’s lows but that is what we are here for. Our variety of Care Package gift boxes or our Streak of Bad Luck gift box offer a great selection of thoughtful gifts that embody all the love and good juju you want to send during this challenging time. These gifts help you show compassion by giving people all sorts of mindful goodies and some tools to handle life’s new circumstances. 

Spreading kindness and good energy is what we aim to do year round but know its needed a little more right now. If you need any extra help with choosing gifts during these circumstances, please reach out. Stay safe and take care of yourselves, and let us help you take care of your loved ones. Sending all the love, positives vibes, and good juju we can to each of you!