The Perfect Gift for Those You LOVE!

If you have stepped foot in a grocery store the last few days, you have been made well aware that Valentine's Day is here. Luckily it is 2020 and Galentine's Day, self-love, and modern couples who reject cringe-worthy traditional celebrations of love exist and are thriving! These notions let us celebrate love in so many fun and nontraditional ways!
Please walk by the candy, flowers, and cliche cards and let us provide you with a variety of unique gifts to say I love you to multiple people in your life - including you!

Bring some good juju and sweet love to your gals, or some sexy magic to you and your boo, or a whole lot of self care to celebrate just how phenomenal you are - we've got the gift sets thoughtfully crafted to cover all bases! Scroll below to match whatever love energy you'd like to spread this Valentines!  

Celebrate the people that give you endless love, belly laughs, advice we only listen to half the time, and justification on anything were about to indulge on - our best friends! They see the crazy, they deserve the goodies! The gifts in this box set are sweet and thoughtful and will brighten any friends spirit. BFF lovin' goodies include:
Honey Belle Coconut Rose DIY Face Mask 
Rose Kaolin clay is a versatile clay perfect for all skin types and helps nourish, soothe and revitalize. Not to mention the Vitamin C in the organic coconut milk will leave skin as bright and happy as future girls trip vacation plans! 

AFFIRMATORS! Love & Relationships: 50 Affirmation Cards Deck 
These deck of cards are crafted to help people help themselves, written by a comedian, the cards offer daily inspiration with a fun twist!

Simply Gum in Cleanse 
Enjoy this tangy citrus delight flavored gum with a hint of spice and features grapefruit, prickly pear, cayenne, and sea salt. A pick me up for the person who picks you up!

You're Glowing Highlighter 
Made with flower infused oils and all organic ingredients – this glowing gal pal is the perfect enhancement to pull out and sparkle your brightest!
Who would you say knows you the best and just what you need? Trick question, we already know the answer - its you! This box set gives you the tools to love and treat yourself on a deeper level. Life makes it so easy to put other first, this box set is a beautiful reminder that your love within is everything!

Love Spells 
This book contains modern magic teaching you to tap into your inner power and self-care to turn on your love light, attract positivity and big love, heal your heart, and cleanse out the negative. You wont be able to put this wonderfully crafted feel-good book down!

Red Fire My Mandala Bracelet
This Mandala Bracelet is simple and cute but holds a lot of meaning. The mandala represents passion, courage, and strength. A beautiful and important reminder of the power that lies within you!

Good Karma Happy Spray 
Spritz yourself, your space, your face with Good Karma. A balancing and toning rosewater blend that’s infused with rose and aloe, followed up with an invigorating peppermint essential oil. Soothe your woes and bring on the love with this restoring and moisturizing blend that leaves your skin feeling both soft and hydrated.

Mandarin Magic - A Very Eye Opening Blend - Bath Salts 
Recharge and re-center your body and spirit with these uplifting bath salts. The mandarin magic bath salts not only smell divine but have quartz charged sea salt to invigorate your body and inner power. 
Any couple looking for an extra lovey and steamy Valentines Day needs this box set ASAP - no really, its 3 days away people! Life is hectic all you need this Valentines day are the tools to get completely lost in your lover! Sexy resources include:
Sex Fortune Booklet 
Heat things up in the bedroom and rev your lover's engine with sex fortunes booklet, pace yourself as you tear out a new fortune to discover new pleasure! 

Kama Sutras Honey Dust 
A deliciously tasting and smelling fine milled powder paired with the tickliest feather duster to help you corner foreplay territory! Kissable, tickle- and tease-perfect, this fine talc-free body powder absorbs moisture and makes skin feel silky smooth and deliciously scented. Your lover won't want to stop the sexy 'honey lick me' play with this irresistible kit!

Spitfire Girls No. 1 Bath Salts

Turn on some sultry tunes, fill two glasses of libations, grab two fluffy towels, and fill the bathtub with these handmade bath salts and warm water. Spitfire Girls No. 1 Bath Salts are comprised of the sexiest aromas like vanilla, tobacco flower, and oud wood. These smells will set an incredibly romantic and relaxing tone - you'll be melting into your partner before you can fully sit down in the tub!

Province Apothecary's Sex and Lovers Oil 

Super luxurious Sex Oil hydrates your skin with wild-crafted organic ingredients that you can use all over without worrying about toxic. synthetic. irritating ingredients. The Lovers Oil is an all-natural exotic massage oil that features a dynamic duo of rose and cedar wood oils combined to unleash sensual aromatherapy. These essences have been used for centuries to bring lovers together and soothe and center the mind.

Oberlube brings the most pure and perfected formula designed to reduce friction and maximize sensation and enjoyment. Simple, body-friendly, scent- and color-free, this formulation is never sticky and won't leave a yucky residue or stains on clothing in its wake. Did we mention it can be used in water? So, yeah, there's that fun little aquatic exploration tidbit. too! Don't delay in deploying this 'go-to' with your lover, friends!

Rituals Fleur de Sel Dark Chocolate 
Some things were made to go together- like fine French salt and high quality chocolate handcrafted in small batches in Park City. Utah. Add this aphrodisiac in to a romantic interlude to elevate your mood and bring on comfort.
Valentines Day is on a Friday this year - so order this box for yourself or a friend to come home to! After a long work week and an even longer day of hearing people talk about there Valentines plans...this is the perfect box to escape to and let in alllll the good vibes! This box includes some already listed amazing love products like the Love Spells Booklet, Ritual Fleur de Sel Dark Chocolate, Oberlube, and the No. 1 Bath Salts! BUT and this is a (technically small) but big BUT, it also includes:
Screaming O Mascara Vibe 
This discreet and compact vibrator uses a multi-function motor and sensation-magnifying "Tingle Tip" to set your senses flying and have you forgetting about everything but your pleasure! Add this to your make-up bag ASAP and we have a feeling it'll be used more than your real mascara!

We love bringing in the good vibes to ourselves and those around us, so of course we love a holiday that emphasizes celebrating love! Self-love, friend love, and romantic love are all needed in our life and should each be celebrate whenever possible. Hopefully this post has made deciding on some love gifts a heck of a lot easier! For more box sets or individual products head over to our romance section and find just the magic you're looking for!