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Sure, we all have the best of intentions, and times when we feel like we’re winning in the game of life, but there might be a few areas in which we want to improve. Maybe you want to let go of a bad habit, or perhaps make more money, or even meet that special someone…whatever your passion behind ‘change’ is, we’ve got the perfect tools for you.

Setting intentions is a great start to meeting your goals. Another way to tackle those to-do’s is by creating rituals. A ritual is like a celebration – it involves our emotions and full attention. Dig into the magical elements inside this box which will help you prepare your life for tackling your goals.

No longer the stuff of broomsticks, black cats and cauldrons, witchcraft today is more about using rituals that are believed to harness and focus cosmic or psychic energies to bring about some desired change. This is the perfect book to help channel your inner power, make positive changes in your life, cleanse, heal, and embrace a little more spirituality. Your new guide to spells, manifestation makers, moon rituals, gratitude meditations, and more. When you are happy and positive on the inside, it makes you glow on the outside, and Everyday Magic will help you do just that.

Labradorite is a stone of magic, awakening, mystical and magical abilities, and psychic powers. It embodies a deeply felt resonance which is very powerful. Whether drawn to it or gifted it, this stone has protective qualities as it helps protect against negative vibrations. It is said that this crystal has more protective powers than any other. Use this crystal to revitalize any space you need to infuse with self-love, creativity, clarity and peace. Awaken your intuition and inner spirit while strengthening within. 

We’re giving coffee lovers another reason to be obsessed with all things java! There are numerous studies that tout the benefits of sipping a daily cup of coffee, but did you know that coffee (and caffeine)  exfoliation has amazing skin benefits? Exfoliation is vital to achieve a beautiful, healthy skin complexion, and a caffeinated exfoliation not only detoxifies and brightens the skin, it helps improve skin tone and gets rid of dead skin cells to reveal new skin. Exfoliate meets caffeination…talk about a lift! 

Lapis is one of the most sought after stones out there. Its deep, celestial blue remains the symbol of royalty and honor, gods and power, spirit and vision. It is a universal symbol of wisdom and truth. Wear your chic stretch bracelet to help cleanse the mind, body and spirit of toxins and negative energy. Feel the power of lapis as it helps you attract wisdom, authenticity and courage.

Having trouble falling asleep? Have a headache? Tense muscles? Stressed? Roll on this UNWIND relaxation tonic to soothe your woes. This little magic potion is 100% plant-based and natural – made with organic grape alcohol, essential oils of Peppermint, Frankincense, Lavender, Vetiver, Eucalyptus, Virginia Cedar, Bergamot and Vitamin E. Glide it onto your temples, the back of your neck, earlobes, or sore muscles and feel the healing properties of plants. You can also totally rock it as a minty, earthy perfume. Keep in mind that there’s a cooling effect due to the peppermint essential oil.

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