Juju Be Gone

Glendora Tin Candle


Bring on the relaxing vibes. We've custom blended an uplifting, harmonious scent that’s designed to pull in positivity, bring on calm and let you burn your brightest. And, in a convenient travel tin, you can take your Glendora favorite scent with you anywhere. 

Every note we chose for the candle’s fragrance has a purpose:

PEONY: Peonies are known for their fresh, slightly sweet floral aromas, but are also regarded as an omen of good fortune. We know you could use an extra dose of that right about now.

WOOD SAGE: Also called ‘wood sage wildflower,’ this powerful little aromatic perennial herb that blooms ruffled pinkish purple little flowers offers a host of therapeutic properties that will pick you up.

SEA SALT: The sea salt note included in the background of the Glendora candle works as a balancing agent, bringing a soothing water element into this scent.

// 6.5 ounce 
// Burns for 30 hours 

"This is the most amazing scent I have ever experienced." 

"I am going through chemo and this Glendora candle is the only scent I can handle. I love it."


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