Juju Be Gone

Breakup Box for Dudes

Listen, we all know people can be jerks sometimes. It hurts the most when we intentionally separate from someone we really cared about. You need a way to shake off the bad breakup vibes, clear away the negativity, hit your reset button and restore your mojo as you get ready for life’s next chapter. This box gives you tools you need to restore positivity in your life and start healing so you can move on post-breakup.
They say that laughter is the best medicine after a breakup, and we steadfastly agree. Crack open this literary gem to glean heaps of persuasive wit with just enough class (or crass), and other hottie-attracting conversation starters (495 to be exact). Pick Ups & Come-Ons is the perfect mojo-building.

A breakup is a fresh start in so many ways, right? Why not continue that fresh start all over your body. Add a Breathe Deeply Towelette or two in your wallet for a cooling, stimulating, and refreshing wipe anywhere, any time! Scented with organic peppermint and eucalyptus, this tingly-cool invigorating feeling could be that little confidence-booster you need to get your game back on.

OK, OK, this Multi Tool may not exactly be the key to your heart, but straight up: Everyone loves the guy who can whip out the multi-tool at the perfect time in any situation. While you’re mulling over your next move, let your inner MacGyver shine and slot this baby on your keychain without a moment’s hesitation. 

Spiked chocolate is here to give you a little lift out of a slump. Maybe your last situation wasn’t the perfect pairing, but trust us: Cacao nibs aged in High West Distillery bourbon whiskey barrels for a few months is a pairing perfect enough to inspire you to try again. Handcrafted by Ritual Chocolate in small batches in Park City, Utah, this exceptional quality chocolate is a much more benign way to get a little boozy after your breakup!

It won’t heal your broken heart, but this all-natural, anti-inflammatory Happy Ending Healing Salve will comfort sore and tired muscles with a peppermint, cayenne pepper, comfrey, turmeric, and calendula-infused kick. Plus, we bet you agree that you could use a little happy ending right about now.

We hear you. You're so over it you can't even. This newly-concocted bad attitude is just what the doctor ordered! Even though you couldn't give a F. We know. None to give. Enjoy this creamsicle soap that will give you a smile.

Vibe-changing elements to help bring on the good vibes, move energy and build mojo! Here's what's included: our custom Juju Be Gone 'Glendora' candle, vintage matches, a hand-crafted bundle with sage, palo santo, Selenite crystal and a feather, and a chic tray to display your tools. Add this to your box for $38. 

Orders take 1-3 business days to process and 2-4 business days to ship via standard shipping. If you needed your gift, like, yesterday, email orders@jujubegone.com, and we'll try and work with you!

And we understand that most of these purchases are being gifted. Therefore, we never include receipts inside our boxes. However, we include customized notes and product cards to inform your recipient about what they are getting and from whom!

Due to some product availability with COVID, we might have to occasionally swap out one of the products for a similar one of the same value. Also, we are happy to work with you to build the perfect box if you want to mix and match other items from our Marketplace in this gift box. Just email us or chat with us online and we will walk you through the process.


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