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Peace, Love and Mindfulness

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Taking the time for ourselves is not something we are used to, but have slowly become accustomed to. We're always going a million miles a minute but we have an opportunity to sit with oneself and experience some peace, love and mindfulness. We've curated the perfect gift to help others experience mindfulness and know they are appreciated. Hopefully this gift box will help them experience new things and build a consistent practice!
Use these Mindfulness Cards every day to help simplify your life with these meditative cards. Inside the colorful box are over 50 prompts and exercises divided into four sections: rest and balance, curiosity and joy, insight and awareness, and kindness. The cards help you learn to appreciate little things like the ground beneath your feet and tree above your head. They also introduce you to deeper, long-term practices like cultivating a sense of self-care and acceptance.

We all need a little help to feel positive, centered and at peace. Whether you believe in spiritual cleansing, or not, smudging an essential ritual to purify all the negativity in your life. This is your starter kit to learn and share how these sacred rituals can be used in your everyday life. The sage and Palo Santo can be burned (and have been known to eliminate bacteria floating in the air, yes!). Use the Selenite crystal to balance the energy for you. Adorn all of these energy moving, mojo-building tools on this "Love Wins" chic tray (or just use it to store all of those knick knacks around the house!).

Holding crystals or placing them on your body is thought to promote physical, emotional and spiritual healing. They can have a positive impact with your body's energy field, or chakra. Enjoy this set of stones and crystals from Hiouchi Jewels for Love & Light Energy. These stones include:

  • Amethyst for tranquility, balance and serenity. 
  • Quartz for alignment, harmony, clarity, rejuvenation and power. 
  • Rose Quartz for positivity, love, peace and emotional healing.

Coconut milk, hibiscus leaf, beet root and rose kaolin clay are powerful ingredients known to remove toxins and impurities deeply rooted into the skin to promote youthful skin. An incredible concoction to rejuvenate, detoxify and reduce inflammation. Get creative and mask your day (and cares) away with this Honey Belle DIY blend! Use any of your favorite liquid mixers (water, milk, yogurt, honey, aloe juice, etc.) to blend, and refresh your mind, body and spirit.

Buckle up, because your senses are about to go on a joy ride. Made with an uplifting aroma of Rose, these tea-infused eye gels deliver so much more than antioxidants. The Rose aromatherapy in these tea-infused eye gels from Patchology will brighten under eyes and boost your mood in ten minutes flat. Thanks to antioxidant-rich Hibiscus, skin-softening Coconut Extract, and skin-conditioning Lotus Flower, your senses will be singing in no time. 

Orders take 1-3 business days to process and 2-4 business days to ship via standard shipping. If you needed your gift, like, yesterday, email orders@jujubegone.com, and we'll try and work with you!

And, we understand that most of these purchases are being gifted therefore we never include receipts inside our boxes. However we do include a customized note and product cards to inform your recipient on what they are getting and from whom!

Due to some product availability with COVID, we might have to occasionally swap out one of the products for a similar one of the same value. Also, we are happy to work with you build the perfect box if you want to mix-and-match other items from our Marketplace in this gift box. Just email us or chat us online and we will walk you through the process.


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Luree D.
United States United States
Best Gift for Care

I received an entire box of JuJu Be Gone after an accident. Loved everything!! I especially felt very energized using the cleansing kit when I'm feeling down and isolated with the Covid. I can light and cleanse. Energy seems to be restored and I feel much less stressed. GREAT PRODUCT!!!

Amanda .
United States United States
The BEST!!!!

This is my “go to gift” for a friend’s birthday. I LOVE the packaging and all the goodies not only look beautiful together, but they are all great products. Anyone I have sent this to has been so grateful and impressed with the thoughtfulness of the gift. I highly recommend it!

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