Bye Bye Negativity, Hello Smudging

Sage: A ritual to cleanse your mind, body, spirit, and space

No, it’s not weed, incense, a BBQ smoker, or a yoga studio air freshener. It’s sage.

Dried sage to be exact. And it has a heavenly smell once burned in a ritualistic practice called smudging.

What is Smudging

Smudging is not a new idea. The practice is derived from Native American ceremonies meant to cleanse people, bless places, and clear spaces. There are many types of smudging, but all of them involve slowly burning herbs or flowers in a space.

California white sage has been historically used by Native American tribes to bring balance and peace to a space. Because of this, we encourage you to smudge your entire home, office space, or anywhere you spend a lot of time.

Why Smudge

“Isn’t it just like lighting some grass on fire?”

It’s not, we promise.

Besides the ceremonial roots of the ritual, smudging is only as effective as you believe it to be. Don’t ration your ability to believe that your sluggishness, depression, or negativity can be smudged out! Many people have testimonies that smudging helped to combat their negativity, clear the energy in their space, or start fresh on a new project or idea.

In fact, here are a few Juju Be Gone customers that have tried, loved and continue to smudge:

“When I first got my gift box, I didn’t know what to expect. I followed the instructions, opened my mind and immediately noticed some of the negative things in my life changing.” – Sarah

“I had never ‘smudged’ before. I opened by Juju Black kit and my husband and I had the most amazing time sharing stories, cleansing out the negative, and preparing for a future of happiness.” – Jacqueline

It’s important to remember that smudging is not just for physical buildings: Your body is also a sacred space to be cleansed! Smudging helps to clear your body, mind, and spirit of any negativity, stagnation, or energetic disturbances surrounding you. Make sure to invite the sage’s smoke around your body as you continue to smudge your space.

Finally, it’s science. Looking for a way to reduce your stress besides exercising and eating right? The smoke from dried sage actually changes the ionic composition of the air and can have a direct effect on reducing our stress response in the process of burning.

How to Smudge

It’s not difficult, time-consuming, or hard to learn how to do. Smudging is literally for everyone! Smudging is ritual alchemy that changes the air element and transforms our current experience to a mystical one in just a few minutes.

Start with taking a few deep breaths.

Then, simply light your Juju bundle of sage with our match. Yes, use a real match and not a lighter, we promise it will be better and more natural to light your sage with a wooden stick. As the aroma begins, try not to let your bundle of sage light with an actual flame. The smoke will be highest-quality when burning slowly.

As the sage burns, lightly fan the smoke with a feather and walk around your space that needs cleansing. It is believed that the smoke represents your thoughts and prayers moving about in the universe while the energies move to clear the room of negativity. Remember this as you walk about your space and visualize the negative energies physically leaving the room.

After moving about the space, just place your still-burning bundle of sage on your Juju tray (or a fire-proof bowl or shell) and let the aroma wash over you while you imagine being cleared of passive energy from inside out.

When to Smudge

There are no rules on the best time of day, month, or year to smudge. You can’t do it too often! But below are a few ideas on when we suggest the besttime to light up might be:

  • Starting a new job
  • Moving into a new home
  • After a breakup
  • Before or after entertaining guests in your home
  • After a tense argument
  • After recovering from a traumatic illness

Get your smudging on with Juju Be Gone. Check out of Juju Black kits to get started and happy smudging!