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Life over the last few weeks got you down? Time to shake off those quarantine blues with this uplifting gift box curated to ease nerves and bring on the mindfulness. Hindsight is 2020 and this year has certainly given us all an emotional rollercoaster. Reset your mind, body and soul with this simply elegant gift box to celebrate how amazing you are each and every day.
Use these Mindfulness Cards every day to help simplify your life with these meditative cards. Inside the colorful box are over 50 prompts and exercises divided into four sections: rest and balance, curiosity and joy, insight and awareness, and kindness. The cards help you learn to appreciate little things like the ground beneath your feet and tree above your head. They also introduce you to deeper, long-term practices like cultivating a sense of self-care and acceptance.

Put a lil' pep in your step with shade grown yerba mate and invigorating peppermint tea! This cool and awakening team from Denver-based Teakoe is refreshing and good for you. Whether you are sipping on this in your fancy new blue-dotted mug hot and cozy or chilling off in the heat with an iced version...you will be happy to dazzle those taste buds with this sampler tea bag. 

Bring on the relaxation. We've custom blended an uplifting, harmonious scent that’s designed to pull in positivity, bring on calm, kick bad vibes to the curb, and let you burn your brightest. Blended with Palo Santo, geranium and tangerine, it's designed to energize you. Light your Glinda candle, set your intention, and change the direction of your day. This 6.5 oz tin will burn its brightest for over 40 hours or sensory delight.

We all need a little help to feel positive, centered and at peace. Whether you believe in spiritual cleansing, or not, smudging an essential ritual to purify all the negativity in your life. This is your starter kit to learn and share how these sacred rituals can be used in your everyday life. The sage and Palo Santo can be burned (and have been known to eliminate bacteria floating in the air, yes!). Use the Selenite crystal to balance the energy for you. Adorn all of these energy moving, mojo-building tools on this a custom-made chic tray (or just use it to store all of those knick knacks around the house!).

There is something so special about the perfect mug. This ceramic cutie is adorned with indigo blue dots and has a gold electroplated handle. Wake up to an espresso in the morning, sip on some water throughout the day or pour your favorite happy hour delight to toast to another day! It is a charming kitchen collectible.

We've partnered with Plum Sage florist to create a gorgeous bouquet that can be delivered with your Juju gift box for mom. Add a stunning flower arrangements below as an "add-on" and we will be delivering all orders (Denver metro area only) on Thursday, Friday and Saturday this week.

Orders take 2-4 business days to process and 2-6 business days to ship via standard shipping. If you needed your gift, like, yesterday, email orders@jujubegone.com, and we'll try and work with you!

And, we understand that most of these purchases are being gifted therefore we never include receipts inside our boxes. However we do include the product cards to inform your recipient on what they are getting and why!


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