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High Spirited

Perfect for the spirited entertainer.
Gather some friends and put this bottle beetle to work! Sure you probably have some sort of bottle opener laying in your kitchen drawer already somewhere… but is it sleek and stylish enough to leave out on display after doing its duty? This brass scarab will surely become your go-to bottle buddy. An ancient Egyptian symbol of renewal and eternity, the mystical scarab appears to show a crossroads between the path you’ve been on and and new one that holds enlightening and awakening. 

Let this quartet of ceramic coasters with real gold leaf accents and good advice protect your surfaces with style and a statement that sets the tone for you and your visitors. It’s truly time to let the Good Times, Good Spirits, Good Friends and Good Memories flow in your space. 

Strongwater Mountain Elixirs has bottled a fiery warm combination of spicy peppers—Habaneros, Jalapeños, Ghost, Hatch Green Chiles— and bright citrus lime notes—lime and kaffir lime leaves—to dash into your Bloody Marys, Margaritas or Spicy Mezcal Cocktails for a symphony of flavor and complexity.

Maybe you'll share, maybe you won't. This Ritual Chocolate is made with a blend of our cacao nibs that are aged in High West Distillery bourbon whiskey barrels for several months. This process provides subtle notes of the charred, white American Oak and light hints of bourbon whiskey.

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