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Curiosity Collective Journal


A vision, goal setting and daily journal to guide your curiosity and create your future self.

This journal was created for you! It is a tool to guide your curiosity, your vision and your goals as you create the life YOU want to be living. It is a space for you to get to know yourself more intimately, to discover what makes you come alive and to start living your chosen future. This little book is full of big personal development work that will change your life. It’s the work that we have used personally in our lives… the work that has made the biggest impact and helped us create the lives we are currently living… the lives we are in love with… the lives we didn’t even know were possible! 

The Curiosity Collective Journal is an evolution of our beloved Make Shit Happen planner. The journal’s focus is on the tools and life-changing content that we are best at—vision planning, goal-setting and self-inquiry work. The journal combines powerful personal discovery with vision and goals worksheets followed by inquiry themes and daily journal pages. This structure and format allow you to work at your own pace. Each volume of The Curiosity Collective Journal has content to last you 90 days. Our recommendation is to use one Curiosity Collective Journal each quarter! We will release a new volume of the journal every couple of months, each filled with different content.


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