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Being a kid is hard work. Trying to figure yourself out. Wondering where you fit in. Feeling like an outsider with your friends who are also going through a lot of transitions. Although there is no acceptance for bullying, sometimes we might feel a little bruised and battered from how others treat us and what's happening in the world. That's where this "bully box" can help. Cheer someone on who might be a little low and in need of some good vibes. We could all use a little cheer in our corner of life.
Today, decide to trust yourself. Decide to believe in your heart. Tell the small voice inside you’re giving it a chance. This vibrant book by M.H. Clark is a daily reminder to be bold, be strong, and fight on. 

Spray in some fresh energy as you move ahead! Spritz yourself, your space, your face with Good Karma by Happy Spritz. A balancing and toning rosewater blend that’s infused with rose and aloe, followed up with an invigorating peppermint essential oil. Perk yourself up to take on any moment in your new chapter with this restoring and moisturizing blend that leaves your skin feeling both soft and hydrated.

Join the stalked bracelet trend with this Caterina Block Letter Sphere Bracelet in worn gold. Fits any wrist with its stretch and reminds you that when life gets tough, just keep dreaming. (Pictured here is the LOVE bracelet, DREAM is what will be sent.)

For thousands of years, ancient civilizations have utilized the power of crystals to release mental, physical, and spiritual blockages. This is the perfect starter kit for anyone to get to know how powerful crystals can be and why you need to keep them with you, by you, as your new favorite friendly companion. This black pouch includes four different raw crystals that have been intuitively selected for you. Each crystal is unique in size and color, but you can expect them to be similar to the ones pictured.

  • QUARTZ CRYSTAL: This white crystal is considered a “master healer.” It amplifies energy by absorbing, storing, releasing, and regulating it.

  • AMETHYST: Amethyst crystal is protective, healing, and purifying. Rids the mind of negative thoughts and brings spiritual wisdom.

  • AMAZONITE: Amazonite crystal helps to filter out stress, heal traumas, and soothes energies around you.

  • CELESTITE: Celestite crystal has incredible healing properties that make it an excellent stone for overall spiritual detox.

Smooth on this mask and you’ll look (and feel) like the ray of sunshine you are in just 10 minutes. When we are feeling blue, there's no better remedy than some self-care. Restore the glow with this radiance-enhancing mask, because now is your time to shine. Ideal for: anyone going through all of those "what the heck?!" moments.

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