Welcome Home for People You Like (even more)

Clearing energy in a new home can be as important as the move-in day house cleaning. Undigging from moving chaos is enough to send anyone off kilter.  Not to worry, we have you covered!!
Vibe-changing elements to help bring on the good vibes, move energy and build mojo! Here's what's included: our custom Juju Be Gone 'Glendora' candle, vintage matches, a hand-crafted bundle with sage, palo santo, Selenite crystal and a feather, and a chic tray to display your tools.

A long-time symbol of harmony, good luck, leadership, and strength, this little golden Elephant Planter stands at the ready to bring good vibes into your home while nurturing your tiny herbs, succulents, and cacti! This uplifting little totem makes for a perfect pairing with your air plant.

The Air Plant is your perfect partner for bringing energy (and fresh oxygen!) into your new abode. These tropical plants are epiphytes, which means they don’t need soil and require only minimal care. Able to absorb water and nutrients directly from the air, the plant clings to wherever you place it with its roots. No green thumb required—it works almost anywhere!

Gather some friends and put your Bottle Beetle to work! Sure you probably have some sort of bottle opener in your kitchen drawer already somewhere…but is it sleek and stylish enough to leave out on display after doing its duty? This brass scarab will surely become your go-to bottle buddy. An ancient Egyptian symbol of renewal and eternity, the mystical scarab beetle appears to show a crossroads between the path you’ve been on and a new one that holds enlightening and awakening.

Let this quartet of ceramic coasters with real gold accents protect your surfaces with style and statements that set the tone for you and your visitors. It’s truly time to let the Good Times, Good Spirits, Good Friends, and Good Memories flow in your space.

Be a household hero by cleaning with this fun, reusable Swedish Shine! dishcloth. This marvelously absorbent dishcloth is ready to become your newest sponge stand-in to bring some sparkle and shine to your space! It is washable, reusable, biodegradable, quick-drying, and is able to absorb 15 times its own weight. Not that cleaning is fun, but now you can keep your digs dirt-free with your new favorite go-to grime buster!

This chic little wooden cutting board and brass serving knife are square and circle earth energies intended to restore balance and add stability to an unsettled household. The circle represents heaven, wholeness, perfection, and eternity. The square represents stability and firm foundations. Together they represent the human desire to merge heaven and earth—the ultimate achievement of harmony. Whether you’re into symbolism or not, get going on merging some yummy eats for yourself or your guests on this nifty little serving board and raise your gourmet vibrations!

Orders take 2-4 business days to process and 2-6 business days to ship via standard shipping. If you needed your gift, like, yesterday, email orders@jujubegone.com, and we'll try and work with you! 

And, we understand that most of these purchases are being gifted therefore we never include receipts inside our boxes. However we do include the elegant ritual cards and product cards to inform your recipient on what they are getting and why!


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