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Mindful Activities for Mommy & Me

In the midst of chaos, we need to keep our calm. Take some mindful moments with your mini(s) to show how to be present, process the emotions, share love and compassion, and keep our minds active. Most of us are trying to understand the changing environment and learning to practice being still for just a while (please, for that love…). Taking care of one another and sharing new rituals is the root of how we can get centered and face anything that comes at us.
Whether you're a total newbie to the mystical world of energy-healing or already skilled in chakra meditation know-how, you'll enjoy this smorgasbord of activities to help open, clear, and enhance each of the seven main chakras. By aligning your chakras—the body's "energy centers" —you'll flush the bad vibes and channel the good ones. A perfect activity for everyone's mind, body and spirit (and to maybe take up a few minutes of your day.

The world wants your little one’s bright ideas—now and forever. Help them share their bright future with you with these cute uplifting cards. Each day you can tuck one for them to find or read together and enjoy the delight together. Make your mornings special with these imaginative messages.  

Comedian Suzi Barrett created these humorous (not cheesy), inspirational, positive affirmation cards. Providing the fun of a horoscope with a little less woo-woo, this whimsical box of Affirmator Cards will help you to help yourself—no shamanistic consult required! Pull a card daily to see what the future holds. A little levity is what we all need right now.

We all need a little help to feel positive, centered and at peace. Whether you believe in spiritual cleansing, or not, smudging an essential ritual to purify all the negativity. This is your starter kit to learn and share how these sacred rituals can be used in your everyday life. The sage and Palo Santo can be burned (and have been known to eliminate bacteria floating in the air, yes!). Use the Selenite crystal to balance the energy for you and your family. It’s even been known to decrease the effects of electromagnetic stress (screen time anyone?).

Life might be kicking your butt lately. We agree. Now it’s time to turn your luck around. Spritz yourself, your space, your face with Good Karma. A balancing and toning rosewater blend that’s infused with rose and aloe, followed up with an invigorating peppermint essential oil. Soothe your tension and combat the effects of stress with this restoring and moisturizing blend that leaves your skin feeling both soft and hydrated.

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And, we understand that most of these purchases are being gifted therefore we never include receipts inside our boxes. However we do include the elegant ritual cards and product cards to inform your recipient on what they are getting and why!


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