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Halló Sápa Icelandic Volcanic Ash Soap


Created from Iceland's precious volcanic ash, produced by lava fields, Hallo Sapa's Volcanic Ash Soap is a densely-packed cylinder, rich in anti-bacterial sulphur. The volcanic ash is hand-harvested, revered for its skin purifying and anti-aging effects that earned it the name, Mother Nature's Skin Purifier in Iceland. Infused with sustainable palm and coconut oils, as well as charcoal, volcanic sand and volcanic ash, this soap is abundant in nourishing ingredients, leaving your skin soft and healthy. Earthy and woody, this unique bar leaves you smelling like a fresh campfire, evoking thoughts of beach bonfires in early Fall and reading in perfectly aged leather chairs. Stack this healthful bar in your shower, and leave your shower an impeccably clean man.


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